German Shepherd Dog Club of Oklahoma
                      Susan Curren

Susan became a member of the German Shepherd Dog
Club of Oklahoma in 1986 after purchasing Von Freya's
Klassie Snak from Christine Taylor.  Klassie was the first
dog Susan ever trained in obedience.  Klassie got her
UD on May 3, 1992.  She also did tracking and was a
therapy dog.

The next dog Susan trained was Klaus der Konig.  Klaus
got his CDX on 09/19/1998.  He got his UAgility on
02/14/1999.  He got the title herding Pre-Trial Tested on

The next dog Susan trained was Anya die Konigen.  
Anya got her UD on 04/06/2002.  She got her UAgility I
on 02/15/004.  She got her Rally-O II title on 11/03/2004.

Ava's Melodious Sonata was the next dog Susan
trained.  Ava got her CDX on 07/01/2006 and her RE on

Stardust Princess Pizazz (Zazzy) got her CD on
09/08/2012 and her RE on April 3, 2016, and her CDX
on November 18, 2017.  She is also a retured Therapy

Susan trained and is still working with LauraMi's King of
Hearts.  King has six points in conformation.  King
received his RA on 09/10/2011 and his UD on
06/26/2014.  He got his RE on April 3, 2016.

Susan has won high in trial six times and one high
combined in trial.  She also trained three other German
Shepherds that didn't belong to her that all earned their

Susan also owns a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named
Jakmar's Lily-Dol.  Lily got her CD on 08/08/2009, her
RN on 08/13/2011, and her THD on 11/08/2014.  Lily is
still an active therapy dog.

Susan has held several offices for the club including,
president, vice-president, and currently secretary.  
Susan also has belonged to OCOTC since 1998.
Zazzy and Ellie