German Shepherd Dog Club of Oklahoma
Minutes from June 13, 2017

Members attending: Carol Smith, Kathryn Kicenski, Clara Bryant, Crystal Roth, Terry
Morton, Diane Hearn and Susan Curren.

The meeting was held at Susan Curren's home and called to order by Kathryn at 8:13pm.  
The minutes from May were read and approved.  I sent a thank you letter to Nikki and Lisa
for suggesting the handler auction and helping to set that up.

The treasurer report was given by Carol.  We have $1,737.32 after depositing $1,126.00
from the handler auction fundraiser.

Show report: Pat and Carol have submitted a letter for our show approval.  We talked
about the leashes and fur-saver collars for prizes.  The leashes will be $40.  Pat will
donate 3 leashes.  Carol will donate collars and flat-sided buckets and a bag of rawhide
bones.  The judges are Linda Clark and Ileana Nogarioes.

Old business:  The handler auction went very well.  The building in Norman that New
Leash on Life is suppose to be in is actually completely empty and does not look ready to
move into.  We are doind Meet the Breed at the Oklahoma City shows on Friday,
Saturday and Sunday.  Carol will find out details about this.  Pat can bring Jade on
Sunday.  Diane can bring a dog on Friday.

New Business:  The nominating committee is:  Pat Kerr, Clara Bryant, Susan Curren and
Michelle Bowie.  We Talked about the Christmas party in December.  Clara suggested two
places.  One was a Senior facility on Rockwell between 122nd and Penn.  Terry and
Crystal suggested their house.  The date for the Christmas party will be Dec. 12th.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:47pm.

The next meeting will be the summer picnic on July 16th at 2:00pm at Michelle Bowie's
house.  Michelle will supply hamburgers and hotdogs.  We bring anything else you want to
go with the hamburgers and hotdogs.  The August meeting will be at Terry and Crystal's
house on August 8th.